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Delegation Program

Program Objectives

The program aims to develop a diverse and skilled validator set and to support contributing validator teams committed to the protocol’s collaborative efforts and vision. Selected validator teams are seen as a core part of the community playing a crucial role in the protocol's future.

To reach this objective, the Dymension Foundation will delegate tokens starting from mainnet launch. The duration and amount will be subject to ongoing review and revisions to maintain the program’s goals.

Breakdown of the program’s goals:

  • Encourage active contributions to the ecosystem and vision.
  • Maintain a professional and decentralized validator set across several key parameters, such as uptime, governance participation and more.


Alongside basic requirements standards, it is crucial to support validators who have a vested interest in the long-term success of Dymension. Therefore, a mandatory requirement has been set:

  • Alignment: Validators must consistently self-stake or hold at least 50,000 DYM tokens. This amount is subject to ongoing review and possible adaptations, thus future changes to this figure might occur. This requirement ensures that delegated validators have a significant personal investment in the network, aligning their interests with the long-term success and security of Dymension. Validators failing to meet this requirement will not be qualified to receive and maintain a delegation.

Basic Requirements

To keep a given delegation, validators are expected to maintain basic support standards. The following is a list of examples:

It’s important to note that validators who do not maintain basic standards of support may lose their delegations.

  • Uptime of at least 95%
  • Commission Rate of 5%
  • Voting Power ≤ 5% of the network
  • Governance participation. Validators are expected to maintain at least 80% voting participation.
  • Minimal slashing rate, including downtime slashing and double sign slashing
  • Timely upgrades following announcements of protocol releases and responsiveness to hotfixes.
  • Maintaining conducive vibes:
    • Supportive of Dymension’s vision and ecosystem.
    • Timely and positive communication with delegators and the Core Team.
    • Positive interactions with other validators and participants in the ecosystem.
  • Undelegation for any other reason is at the sole discretion of the Dymension Foundation.