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How Will this Work?

Validators are invited to submit an application using this link:

The deadline to apply for cohort 2 is June 19, 2024, at noon UTC.

Basic requirements for receiving a delegation:

  • Complete a KYC process.
  • U.S. persons are not permitted to participate in this program.

Please note, there are no guarantees of being accepted.

After a comprehensive evaluation, each validator will be assessed (general guidelines described earlier in ‘Assessment Parameters’). Token delegations will be allocated accordingly. The application process for delegations will continue on a rolling basis, with periodic assessments of validators conducted every four months or less. Validators who did not get a delegation based on the earlier rounds will still be able to apply later on.

  • Validators that have been chosen to receive a delegation in earlier cohorts are still requested to apply in-order to continue receiving a delegation.

Final note

We want to emphasize the value the Delegation Program can bring to our community, as it is a testament to the work and commitment of the validator teams, whose contributions are the backbone the network.

Your role as a validator is crucial in shaping the success of this program. Insights and are valuable to us, and we're eager to engage with you, to listen and learn from your perspectives on enhancing the network.

We're looking forward to including you in our program and collaborating to further our common vision for the Dymension protocol.