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Dymension ELI5

Dymension is similar to a full-stack web application where users interact with RollApps (front-end), Dymension (back-end) acts as the coordinator for the ecosystem, and the data availability networks (database) provide a place to publicize data.

RollApps are the interactive applications for the Dymension network. You can build games, DeFi, NFT projects and much more!




Dymension plays a similar role to a server in a traditional web application. It orchestrates the network by handling requests from RollApps and facilitating communication among them (p.s. it also has an AMM to trade your favorite RollApp token).



Dymension Hub

Data Availability Networks play similar role to a databases in web applications, providing data as needed. Unlike traditional databases DA networks are decentralized and hold data for shorter periods.



Data availability networks

Let's dive a bit deeper and learn about the inner-working of the Dymension network!