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Join a network

It is highly recommended that you set up a private local network before joining a public network. This will help you get familiar with the setup process, and provide an environment for testing. The following sections outline this process.

Set up a local node

Validators can set up a private Dymension Hub network to become familiar with running a full Dymension Hub node before joining a public network. For a complete guide on setting up a local network refer to Dymension Repo Readme.

Join a public network

Genesis file specifies the account balances and parameters at the start of the network to use when replaying transactions and syncing. Install the appropriate version of the binary and replace the local genesis file with that of the target network.

For default dymd configurations, the genesis should be placed under ~/.dymension/config/genesis.json.

Continue to the Sync page to find out more about syncing your node.