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Powering the Internet of RollApps‚Äč

Dymension is a decentralized Delegated Proof-of-Stake L1 blockchain secured by the DYM token. It is custom built to provide RollApps with security, bridging, and liquidity.

  • Security - RollApp funds are secured by the validators of Dymension.
  • Bridging - RollApps bridge to each other and the entire crypto economy via a single IBC connection to Dymension.
  • Liquidity - The only application logic in the Dymension Hub which is not strictly restricted for handling RollApp validity and bridging is an embedded Automated Market Maker (AMM). The AMM is designed to expose RollApps to efficient asset routing, price discovery, and most importantly shared liquidity for the entire ecosystem.

Dymension is akin to an internet service provider. It serves as a decentralized router that connects RollApps to the crypto economy. Dymension facilitates the vertical integration of modular blockchains in which network and liquidity bootstrapping is coupled in one user experience reducing the amount of time to deploy a blockchain to as little as a few minutes.