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Monetary Policy

Genesis DYM Distribution

Public allocationGenesis Rolldrop and Incentivized testnet8%
Ecosystem and R&DAllocated to the Dymension Foundation for growing the ecosystem and R&D while ensuring long-term interests20%
Incentives Manager [Onchain DAO]Holding and distributing protocol owned funds for the purpose of RollApp Credit Streams, Rolldrop Seasons, and AMM Incentives33%
Community Pool [Onchain DAO]Acting as the long-term treasury of the Dymension protocol5%
BackersReserved for partners who provided funding and support14%
Core Contributing TeamReserved for the early contributing team for past and future contributions20%

Unlock Schedules

CategoryUnlock Schedule
Genesis RolldropFully unlocked at genesis
Incentivized Testnet*Fully unlocked at genesis
Incentives Manager [Onchain DAO]Available to governance at genesis (non-circulating)
Community Pool [Onchain DAO]Available to governance at genesis (non-circulating)
Backers12-month lockup, followed by a 24-month linear vesting
Ecosystem and R&D33% available immediately, remaining vests linearly over 3 years
Core Contributing Team12-month lockup, followed by a 24-month linear vesting

* Validator participants in the incentivized testnet are subject to a 12-month lockup, followed by a 24-month linear vesting.

All of the token supply (both locked and unlocked) is eligible for staking.