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eIBC client uses information in the configuration file to fulfill orders. This document outlines the necessary configuration settings for our bots, indexer, and additional services like Slack and Whale. Each section provides detailed settings and descriptions.

For information such as chain-id, node end-points, and more please visit the Dymension chain registry.

Initialize Config file

order-client init

This creates a config file in the local directory:

Config file created: .order-client.yaml

Edit Config file

Bot Configuration

keyring_backend: test # Which backend to use for the keys
keyring_dir: .order-client # IMPORTANT: provide the correct location for the keys
number_of_bots: 1 # How many bots we want running in parallel
top_up_factor: 2 # When bot asks for top-up, scale up the missing amount so it doesn't ask often

General settings

dispute_period_refresh_interval: 10h0m0s # NOT USED - Refresh interval for the dispute period
gas_fees: 100000000000000000adym # Fixed gas fees (don't provide gas prices, gas estimation isn't reliable)
home_dir: .order-client # Where the client files will be located
indexer_url: # URL to get orders from the indexer
log_level: info # Can also be set to debug
max_orders_per_tx: 1 # Maximum orders each transaction should have
minimum_gas_balance: 40000000000adym # Minimum gas balance required for transactions
node_address: http://localhost:36657 # Address of the node
order_cleanup_interval: 1h0m0s # Interval for evicting fulfilled orders from cache (field will be removed soon)
order_refresh_interval: 30s # Interval to check for new orders (alternative to listening to events)

Slack configuration

app_token: <your-slack-app-token> # Slack token
channel_id: <your-slack-channel-id> # Channel ID
enabled: false # Whether Slack notifications are enabled

Whale service configuration

account_name: client # Account name as found in the keyring
allowed_balance_thresholds: # Whitelist denoms and define balance thresholds
adym: "1000000000000"
keyring_backend: test # Keyring for the whale account key
keyring_dir: .order-client # Location of the whale account key