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Easily deployable and ultra-fast modular blockchains‚Äč

RollApps are standardized blockchains that are easy to bootstrap and provide a seamless user experience. RollApps come with pre-defined modules that expediate the development process, incorporating features such as minting native tokens, onchain governance, out-of-the-box bridging and much more.

  • Tokens - RollApps have the capability to mint, charge gas for transactions, and distribute tokens according to custom configurations.
  • Governance - RollApps are equipped with a decentralized, onchain governance mechanism. This enables the distribution of control over certain onchain parameters and funds owned by the RollApps.
  • Bridging - RollApps are equipped with IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) bridging, enabling access to the extensive IBC ecosystem which includes native currencies such as USDC, USDT, and others.

RollApps leverage Dymension for enhanced security and access to liquidity. Unlike traditional blockchains, which manage a distributed set of validators, RollApps publish transaction data to a different blockchain so anyone can validate the correctness of the state. The reduction in the number of network nodes facilitates an easier bootstrapping experience while the publication of data onchain ensures a secure environment for user interactions.