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Genesis files contain data about the beginning state of the RollApp including account balances, vesting schedules, and governance parameters. In this section we provide info on how to intialize a genesis file and customize it for your RollApp needs.

git clone
cd rollapp-evm
make install

Create a key for your RollApp. This will generate an address, public key, and mnemonic phrase.

rollapp-evm keys add <NAME>

Initialize the RollApp's default config files including the genesis file. Chain-ID is defined by the name of the RollApp, the unique chain-id, and version number (e.g., roll_1010-1).

rollapp-evm init <NAME> --chain-id=<CHAIN-ID>

The genesis file located ~/.rollapp_evm/config/genesis.json comes with default parameters. To customize it continue as we show how to change each relevant section.