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Next steps

After preparing the proper genesis information (i.e. module configuations, token distribution...) and getting community approval it is time to move your RollApp to mainnet.

Infrastructure services

Various infrastructure service providers may participate in a mainnet RollApp. This includes node operators of the RollApp sequencer, block explorers, RPC providers, and other infrastructure providers.

As part of the initial RollApp bootstrapping phase, the Dymension Foundation offers RollApp deployers the option to use the existing infrastructure for managing the operations of their RollApp. Additionally, various service providers are set in place to provide free block explorer, RPC services and more.

As Dymension moves to a permission-less deployment phase there will form markets that provide these services at competitive rates.

Deploying to mainnet

Builders may submit a governance proposal onchain to enable the specified address to maintain the Sequencer public key and manage the RollApp.


Instructions on how to submit an onchain proposal will be provided upon the successful upcoming upgrade of the Dymension blockchain.

Liquidity token bootstrapping

After the deployment of a RollApp, token pricing may be established by utilizing Dymension's liquidity layer. RollApps may bootstrap their token by opening a liquidity pool with RollApp/DYM.

The automation of DYM incentives to RollApp liquidity pools are intended to increase the liquidity, efficiency, and stablity of RollApp tokens during the bootstrapping phase.