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RollApp on the Portal

Developers are able to permission-lessly add their RollApp to the IBC section of the Portal which will appear only on their local machine. This is designed for easy testing of the IBC functionality and experimentation with various Portal interactions.

On the IBC section of the Portal, select the drop-down networks under Send From. There you will see an option called Add a RollApp manually.


Developers can provide the following end-points either under http or https:


HTTP will only function when you run rollapp on the local machine, specifically using the loopback interface

  1. RollApp RPC Endpoint (by default 26657)
  2. Rest Endpoint (by default 1317)
  3. JSON RPC Endpoint (by default 8545. Only relevant for EVM RollApps)

If you are using a self-signed certificate for https, please add it to your browser's trusted certificates.