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Roller presents a migrate command as a simple solution for upgrading your Roller and its associated services. This function does the intricate work on your behalf. To get a clear understanding of what changes will be implemented in your Roller and to identify any new configuration possibilities you might want to use, it is advised to check out the version's changelog before upgrading.

Upgrade Steps‚Äč

  1. Install the most recent version of Roller:
curl -L | bash
  1. Stop the Roller services:

The method to halt Roller services depends on how you originally launched them.

Use ctrl+c in the terminal where you started roller run
  1. Execute the migrate command:

In case you are using a custom home directory, you will need to specify it using the --home flag.

roller migrate
  1. Restart the Roller services:
roller run

After completing these steps, you should now be operating a fully upgraded Roller with the latest versions of all services!