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State Sync

Dymension rollapps can perform a state sync from a snapshot as long as:

  1. The rollapp is using a genuine DA layer (Celestia/Avail) and not a local one.

  2. The rollapp hasn't switched DA layer since the snapshot was taken.

Create a snapshot

Create a compressed archive of the rollapp data directory:

  1. Stop the rollapp.

  2. Install lz4 compression tool if not already installed:

sudo apt install lz4
  1. Create a compressed archive of the rollapp data directory:
    cd <ROLLER_CONFIG_DIR>/rollapp
tar -cvf - data | lz4 > snapshot.tar.lz4

Replace <ROLLER_CONFIG_DIR> with the actual path to the roller config directory (defaults to ~/.roller).

Load a snapshot

Load the snapshot from the previous step into the rollapp data directory to perform the sync:

  1. Clear the rollapp state with:
    rollapp_evm dymint unsafe-reset-all --home <ROLLER_CONFIG_DIR>/rollapp
  1. Load the snapshot into the rollapp data directory:
    cd <ROLLER_CONFIG_DIR>/rollapp
lz4 -c -d <SNAPSHOT_FILE_PATH> | tar -x -C .
  1. Start the Rollapp
  • Ensure the rollapp isn't producing blocks until it's synced. Set aggregator=false in the rollapp's config file located at <ROLLER_CONFIG_DIR>/rollapp/config/dymint.toml.
  • Start the rollapp using roller run. If you're the sequencer, once the rollapp is synced, set aggregator=true and restart the rollapp.
  • Verify the rollapp is fully synced by checking its logs at <ROLLER_CONFIG_DIR>/rollapp/rollapp.log. Ensure the current height matches the sync target in lines resembling:
level=info msg="Syncing until target[current height 1334 syncTarget 1436]" module=BlockManager

Sync may take a few hours when using a Celestia DA layer.