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Initialize RollApp


Initializing the configuration files of the RollApp will create the necessary information to start a new RollApp. This will create ~/.roller in the root directory of your computer with important files such as the Genesis file.

Developers have two options for initializing the configuration files, an interactive guide or by using CLI flags:

roller config init --interactive
Interactive guide breakdown
Select your network
- Froopyland (default): Public devnet for building and testing. Requires faucet tokens for selected DA network and Dymension.
- Local: Local development environment including option for Mock DA (not requiring tokens). Requires running a localhost Dymension node, please visit here to run a node.
Select your execution environment
- EVM (default): Stores runtime binary in default PATH (e.g. /usr/local/bin/rollapp_evm)
- custom EVM: Requires specifying runtime binary path (e.g. /usr/local/bin/rollapp_custom_evm)
Enter your RollApp ID
The rollapp ID, should contain only alphabetical characters.

Example: berlin
Specify your RollApp denom
Name of the native token of the RollApp in English letters.

Set the genesis token supply
This is the initial token supply in the RollApp (default: 1,000,000,000)

Note: Tokens amounts are multiplied by 10^18 (18 additional decimal places). As such when specifying CLI transactions be attentive to the amount of decimals each transaction should have.
Choose your data layer
- Celestia: Arabica testnet
- Avail: Dymension dedicated devnet
- Local: Simulates publishing to a DA network, useful for local development (only available in `Local` hub mode).

Note: Using a local DA is not reccomended for production rollapps, as some features will not work.

Address funding​

After initializing the RollApp, addresses to fund should be returned to you:

🔑 Addresses:

Sequencer <network> | Address used to publish state updates to the Dymension Hub
Relayer <network> | Address that handles the relaying of IBC packets
DA <network> | Address used to publish data onchain to the DA network

In Dymension's discord please fund the Dymension Hub addresses in the froopyland-faucet channel with the following command as an example:

$request <dym-address>
$request <dym-address>

You can then check the balance of the address with:

$balance <dym-address>
For Celestia network tokens users may use the celestia-faucet on the Dymension discord with the following command as an example:
$request <celestia-address>

Now that we've funded the wallets we can go ahead and register the RollApp!