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Run EVM RollApp

EVM RollApps enable developers to write application logic in Solidity and is compatible with existing Ethereum based development frameworks (e.g. MUD). This tutorial provides node end-points to deploy smart contracts to an EVM RollApp (RollApp X on testnet) to test the deployment and functionality of smart contract applications.

To begin install the following EVM RollApp template (Requires Go 1.22.1):

git clone
cd rollapp-evm
make install

Export the following variables:

export EXECUTABLE="rollapp-evm"

export ROLLAPP_CHAIN_ID="rollappevm_1234-1"
export KEY_NAME_ROLLAPP="rol-user"
export BASE_DENOM="arax"
export BECH32="ethm"
export DENOM=$(echo "$BASE_DENOM" | sed 's/^.//')
export MONIKER="$ROLLAPP_CHAIN_ID-sequencer"

export ROLLAPP_HOME_DIR="$HOME/.rollapp_evm"
export SKIP_EVM_BASE_FEE=true # optional, removes fees on the rollapp

Initialize the RollApp with an accompanying genesis file:

sh scripts/

Run the RollApp:

rollapp-evm start