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Roller is an easy-to-use CLI tool for bootstrapping, building, and deploying an IBC-enabled RollApp. Roller abstracts away many of the complexties of running an inter-chain application-specific blockchain into a few simple commands:

With Roller developers are able to deploy a RollApp within minutes.


Roller Run abstracts components of deploying a RollApp (i.e. DA light clients, Sequencer full nodes, and relayer nodes) for an in-depth guide including the stand-alone deployment of each process please visit the advanced guide.

Roller is the engine that brings the Dymension RDK to life. With Roller we will deploy a RollApp connected to the entire inter-chain!

Supported OS

  • Linux AMD64
  • Linux ARM64
  • Mac AMD64
  • Mac ARM64
  • Dual Core
  • At least 100GB of SSD disk storage
  • At least 16GB of memory (RAM)
  • At least 100mbps network bandwidth

These requirements will continually be revisted and tested by the core team and community.