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Connect Metamask

To follow this guide please make sure to deploy an EVM RollApp with Roller. Run command exposes an EVM RPC end-point which we'll use to connect Metamask.

Install metamask

Install the Metamask extension

Import keys

If this is your first time setting up the Metamask wallet you can import the RollApp Sequencer's exported private keys. Else, click on the top right avatar and select Import Account (make sure that the Private Key option is selected).

Paste the exported private key in the form input and click Import. Your Metamask account balance should show.

Add EVM RollApp network

  1. In the extension UI, click the top right avatar and then Settings > Networks > Add a network
  2. Click Add a network manually at the bottom of the page
  3. Fill in the new network form with the following details:

New RPC URL: <RPC-END-POINT> // Default localhost:

Chain ID: <YOUR-CHAIN-ID> // EIP155 number (middle number of the generated RollApp ID)

Currency Symbol (optional): <YOUR-ROLLAPP-DENOM>

Now that we've imported the existing private keys and connected to the runnning EVM RollApp network we can deploy a smart contract to it!