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Portal Listing

Now that we have a RollApp deployed, we can list it on the Dymension Portal. This will allow other users to discover and interact with the RollApp.


Only developers with the RollApp-fam discord role are eligible for listing their RollApp on the portal.

Interacting with the RollApp

Developers are expected to provide the following end-points under either http or https. This will allow for users to be able to interact with your RollApp:

  1. RollApp RPC Endpoint (default port 26657)
  2. Rest Endpoint (default port 1317)
  3. JSON RPC Endpoint (default port 8545. Only relevant for EVM RollApps)

If you are using a self-signed certificate for https, please add it to your browser's trusted certificates.

List Your RollApp

The following steps are required for listing a RollApp on the Portal:

  1. Make sure to have successfully deployed and are running a RollApp instance.

  2. Fund the Faucet and test the IBC connection by submitting an IBC transfer of your RollApp token to the Dymension Hub faucet with the following command:

    roller tx fund-faucet

    Subsequently, check the balance of the RollApp token on the Dymension Hub faucet which should arrive within 15 minutes:

    $balance dym1g8sf7w4cz5gtupa6y62h3q6a4gjv37pgefnpt5 <RollApp-ID>
  3. Fork the RollApp-registry repo into your GitHub account:

  1. Clone it by running the following command:

    git clone<your-github-username>/rollapp-registry
  2. CD into the cloned repo:

    cd rollapp-registry
  3. Retrieve your generated rollapp id with roller config show and save it as an environment variable:

    export ROLLAPP_ID=<RollApp-ID-HERE>
  4. Create the appropraite folders and files:

    cd devnet
    mkdir -p $ROLLAPP_ID/logos
    cd $ROLLAPP_ID && touch $ROLLAPP_ID.json

    This should create a folder for your RollApp logo and config information.

  5. Add your RollApp logo to the logos folder. Logo file name: <RollApp-ID>.<format>. This can be SVG, PNG, or JPG format.


Please make sure the file doesn't exceed 50KB.

  1. Export the RollApps configuration JSON by running:

    roller config export
  2. Copy paste the JSON output to the <RollApp-ID>.json and fill in the following fields:

    a. RPC: "http://<your-ip-or-domain>:<port>" (default port 26657)

    b. REST: "http://<your-ip-or-domain>:<port>" (default port 1317)

    c. EVM RPC *(ONLY FOR EVM ROLLAPPS): "http://<your-ip-or-domain>:<port>" (default port 8545)

    d. Logo path: "/logos/<RollApp-ID>.<format>"

    Optinal fields:

    e. chainName: switch <RollApp-ID> to your RollApp's name as it will appear on the Portal

    f. description: add "<Your RollApp description>", to be displayed on the portal

    g. website: add "<your-RollApp's-url>", to be displayed on the portal

  3. Add and commit your changes:

git add .
git commit -m "added RollApp"
git push -u origin main
  1. Create a PR to

For a demonstration of a step-by-step guide to creating a PR please follow the GitHub documentation or watch this helpful youtube video.

  1. Pair the RollApp on the Discord channel by entering the following command:

In the following command replace <RollApp-ID> with your customized RollApp ID.

 $pair <RollApp-ID>

A community moderator will then begin a conversation with you in Discord. Please follow attentively to get the listing process fulfilled quickly.

If you have any question please feel free to reach out to the coreteam and community on Discord. We're here for you!