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Connect wallet

Install metamask

Install the Metamask extension.

Add EVM RollApp network

  1. In the extension UI, click the top right avatar and then Settings > Networks > Add a network
  2. Click Add a network manually at the bottom of the page
  3. Fill in the new network form with the following details:

New RPC URL: <RPC-END-POINT> // Default localhost:

Chain ID: <YOUR-CHAIN-ID> // EIP155 number (middle number of the generated RollApp ID)

Currency Symbol (optional): <YOUR-ROLLAPP-DENOM>

Transfer tokens

Transferring tokens is useful if you are using a web tool for smart contract deployment:

rollapp-evm tx bank send [from_key_or_address] [to_address] [amount] [flags]

Now that we've imported the existing private keys and connected to the runnning EVM RollApp network we can deploy a smart contract to it!