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Edit RollApp Configuration

Roller allows you to quickly change common configuration options, using the roller config set <key> <value> command. It is recommended to use it instead of manually editing the configuration files, since some configurations appear in multiple files, and editing only some of them may cause unexpected behavior. If you want to change a configuration that is not yet supported by the roller config set command, please open an issue on the Roller GitHub repository and we will add it as soon as possible.

Keys Breakdown‚Äč

The rollapp data availability layer. Available options are celestia, avail and local. Please make sure to take a snapshot of the rollapp right after performing this operation.

Example: roller config set da avail
The hub RPC the rollapp sequencer is using.

Example: roller config set hub-rpc ""
All the ports the rollapp is using are configurable. The available keys are: rollapp-rpc-port, lc-gateway-port, lc-rpc-port, rollapp-jsonrpc-port, rollapp-ws-port and rollapp-grpc-port.

Example: roller config set rollapp-rpc-port 6969